Providing expertise in & facilitating the implementation of strategic OD, to ensure the business builds, manages & maintains a high performing workforce and drives efficiency and effectiveness. Working in partnership with clients to identify the challenge, scope the work and deliver the solutions.

Activities include:

  • Design & implementation of talent review processes to ensure a consistent approach to understanding the depth of talent and retention risks within the organisation and building strategies to address gaps between future business need and available talent

  • Developing leadership strategies, defining expectations, assessing leadership competence and shaping development plans to build on strengths and address gaps.

  • Implementing leadership frameworks to deliver aligned, engaged and accountable communities, which drive business performance.

  • Developing performance criteria to give clarity on expectations and implementing consistent and fair performance measurement processes.

  • Organisation and job design driving clear roles and responsibilities, decision making and translating into business results.

  • Integrating inclusion and diversity into people polices, processes and informing the wider organisation system to create truly inclusive environments.

  • Defining current and future capability needs of the organisation and using to inform the development of the learning strategy.

  • Using qualitative and quantitative data to inform approaches to manage employee absence, turnover and engagement and to ensure that people policies reflect the core values of the organisation